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Hanshi George Alexander


President International Shorinji-Ryu Jujitsu Federation

Hanshi, Shorinji-Ryu JujitsuJudan (10th Dan)

With a long history in the martial arts, Hanshi 'Mutch' Usera (9th Dan) developed what is now known as Bujin Ki Ryu JuJitsu.  He has been involved in the martial arts since he was a young teen and has trained hundreds of martial artists in the Black Hills of South Dakota.  He primarily spends his time at the Rapid City Dojo.

Kyooshi (6th Dan) Mark Borresen is the Chief Instructor at  the Rapid City Dojo.  He has studied under Hanshi Usera since the early 1990's.


       Black Hills Bujin Ki Ryu JuJitsu

       Rushmore Mall

       Rapid City, South Dakota


Shihan Alan Horner is the Chief Instructor of Horner Eclectic Martial Arts in Minneapolis, Minnesota.


     Eclectic Martial Arts

      1400 N. Country Rd. 101
      Plymouth, MN 55447


6th Dans Shawn and Lynn McKay run McKay JuJitsu in Wall, South Dakota.  Sensei Bob, Shawn and Lynn  trained together in the late 1980's and recieved their black belts around the same time.


       McKay JuJitsu

       Wall, South Dakota


4th Dan, Joe Herreman is the Chief Instructor of Dynamic Martial Arts of Sioux Falls.  They meet at Southern Hills United Methodist Church.


        Dynamic Martial Arts

        3400 E. 49th Street
       Sioux Falls, SD





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